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Ben Kinnaman - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Ben Kinnaman is CEO and President of Greensea Systems, Inc., Armach Robotics, Inc., and Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, Inc. With a B.S. in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in control and robotics, from…

Nick Hartman - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Nick Hartman

VP Growth & Strategy

Nick began his career in the ocean robotics industry as a Mechanical Engineer doing product development with Remote Ocean Systems out of San Diego, CA…

Rich Amirault - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Rich Amirault

VP Operations

Rich has over 30 years of experience in management and sales in manufacturing environments. He holds an MBA from Babson College’s Olin School of Business and a BSIE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute…

Arnis Mangolds - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Arnis Mangolds

VP of Programs

Arnis provides 35 years of US Gov’t and Civil program development with a record for technology transition leadership. Arnis was the founder and President of C-2i…

Mike Farinella - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Mike Farinella

Senior Engineer

Mike has been a Principal Investigator on US Gov’t R&D programs for 20 years. While at C-2i he was responsible for new technology development and engineering operations…

Bill Rathjen - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Bill Rathjen

Systems Engineer

Bill’s career has spanned a wide variety of industries, all revolving around the ocean environment including holding a BS in Marine Science…

Mike Coutts - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Mike Coutts

Mechanical Engineer

Mike began his career in the medical device industry, where he supported process development and new product introduction of arthroscopic surgical devices…

John Theirrien - About - Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

John Theirrien

Production Engineer

John is a 20-veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard where he specialized in helicopter aviation maintenance and as a primary quality inspector…